My package is marked as delivered but I don't have it. What do I do?

We’re sincerely sorry to hear that you haven’t received your package. We know this can be stressful and inconvenient to deal with. If we could deliver every package by hand to avoid these instances, we would! We first recommend checking with your neighbors to see if they received the package by mistake (it happens more often than you think). We’d also ask that you check around your home or yard. You’d be surprised to know how often packages are found inside open garages, behind fences, or under patio furniture if a recipient is not available at drop-off time. 

Your best bet to finding the package is to personally reach out to the carrier (especially if it’s your local postal branch). We will reach out on your behalf but we cannot provide them your contact information for security reasons - if they need to contact you or have questions regarding your package, delivery, or other details, we will not give them any of your information to do so. It is the recipient's responsibility to be in touch with the carrier to find your package.

It could also be the case if your package was being delivered by FedEx SmartPost or UPS Mail Innovations. In these instances, FedEx or UPS transfers the package to USPS for delivery and during the transfer, it may have accidentally been marked as delivered although it’s not at its final destination. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days to verify whether this was the case or not - or you can reach out to both carriers directly. They will have confirmation from the scans provided in your tracking. 

** Please Note ** We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please be sure to double-check your address before placing an order. We also cannot be held responsible for shipping delays if/when the item is released to the carrier. We will do our best to help find your package when it’s lost, discuss replacements, refunds, or store credit options.

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