How is COVID-19 affecting Tradlands operations?

First and foremost, we are so, so grateful to all customers who have ordered with us. It means the world to our small business. We wanted to give you an update and be as transparent as possible about what you can expect from your shopping experience with us. 

Our team is still working from home every day without pause. We are continuing to work on upcoming product launches and we are working hard to process and ship your orders as safely and efficiently as possible. 

At this time, the global pandemic and the upcoming holiday rush has our warehouse team working with a significantly reduced staff for safety and social distancing precautions. With that in mind, we are working with extended processing times. Orders are still being processed as normal, but there are delays of 2 - 7 business days from when you place your order to when it will ship. In addition mail carriers are also dealing with delays in both scanning items and delivery, so we just ask for your patience and understanding with us, our warehouse partners, and the mail carriers during this time. We are doing the very best we can to get your orders prioritized and shipped as safely and as quickly as possible.  

Despite the circumstances, we still promise to uphold the same positive shopping and customer support experience and are committed to making this right for you in whatever way we can. We would still appreciate your support and orders during this time and hope you'll reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We'd be happy to hear from you. Email us at and we’ll be there to answer any questions you might have. 

International Customers, Please Note: Most domestic and international carriers are experiencing some delays, in some cases for international orders they may take up to 45 days to arrive. In addition, due to the high volume of packages with carriers, some packages are not being scanned, and tracking information will not update for many days, if at all. We will do our best to help you track your package but we cannot guarantee you'll be able to track the package for the entire journey.

FAQs Regarding Current Operations

When can I expect my order to ship?

As of now, orders (excluding pre-orders) are shipping within 2  - 7 business days after being placed . We will do our best to continue to update you on this timeline as things change and adapt to the current circumstances. If you have questions about whether your order has shipped or not, you can check your customer account or email us at and we'd be more than happy to check on this for you. 

I haven't received a tracking number yet? Does this mean my order hasn't shipped?

That's correct. You will get an email from us with your shipping and tracking information your order is successfully fulfilled, labeled, and scanned by a postal carrier. We appreciate your patience during this process as we are experiencing delays.

My order is shipped but has been in "Pre-Shipment" status with the carrier? What does this mean?

This means that your order has been successfully and safely packed and labeled but may not have been scanned in by the mail carrier yet. Depending on the carrier, we are noticing that postal services are also experiencing delays with scanning and getting packages updated to 'In Transit'. Your order is still going to get to you, but please be patient as we work with the carriers to keep orders moving safely and efficiently. If you'd like, you can sign up for text or email notifications on most carrier's websites to be alerted when the item is scanned or updated. This would be the best way to stay updated with any changes to your package's location. 

When will the delays be back to normal?

It's hard to say when things will be back to normal operations but we promise to be as transparent as possible in letting you, the customers, know what's going on so you can prepare yourself for what to expect. On our end, we're still working hard to make your experience as positive as possible and we are grateful for your support. We hope that these delays won’t stop us from supporting us if you are able to.

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