What is the Worn Well Exchange? How does it work?

Buying and selling pre-loved clothing is the best way to improve the lifecycle of an ethically-made garment. It increases the cost per wear for investment pieces and helps avoid needless waste.

The Worn Well Exchange is your new pre-loved marketplace to find gently worn and loved-on Tradlands pieces at affordable prices. Plus, you can finally get your hands on discontinued pieces or styles you missed out on all while giving new life to garments that are made to last.

Find all of our Worn Well Exchange FAQs here.

Please note: all Worn Well Exchange purchases are final sale. If the item you receive is not in the condition listed, please take photos. This does not include items that are listed correctly (the correct size, color, etc) but are washed, worn, shrunk, etc.

Mar 2, 2023

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