Will this item be restocked?

Great question, but not a straightforward answer, unfortunately. 

Item Restocking

We do two small production runs each year as we focus on small-batch production to help save the environment and shipping costs/emissions of multiple collection runs each year. That being said, we do sometimes do a limited restock of certain items within the same season if they are selling really well. 

In addition, there is still a chance that another order will be returned or exchanged and if that item is returned and passes our quality assurance checks, it will be added back into the online inventory.  

Sign Up for Restock Alerts

In most cases, we recommend you sign up for product in-stock alerts is always the best and easiest way to be notified of if/when a product you want becomes available. To do so, visit the product page for that item. Choose the color and size you're most interested in and then click the button that says 'Notify me when Available'. It will ask for your name and email and you'll be sent an alert as soon as more inventory has been added for that product. You can do this for as many products or combinations as you'd like to be notified for. 

Please let us know if you have questions about a specific product being restocked in the future. It should also be noted that if an item is in Clearance, it will not likely be restocked again and you should sign up for notifications. 

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